Our Accounting Services to Solicitors

  • We have over 20 years of experience in dealing with solicitor’s accounts and the relevant Regulations.
  • We have specialist knowledge and experience to deal with solicitors’ accounts and to ensure that they comply with the Solicitors Accounts Regulations.
  • Whether a sole practitioner or in partnership, we can advise you on the best way to keep your accounting records. Also, we offer advice on client and office accounts and what you need to do to be fully compliant.
  • It is inherent for a solicitor to be aware of the requirements of the Regulations and to ensure the accountancy records are maintained accurately and on an ongoing basis, to ensure the accounts truly reflect the financial position of the Practice at all times. Of course, this can be difficult when you are trying to run a busy and successful Practice. What our firm offers is to alleviate some of this pressure from the solicitor and advise on what we feel is both beneficial for a successful and efficient Practice.
  • To advise and implement controls, processes and procedures within the solicitors’ Practice to ensure the Practice is fully compliant with the Regulations and to ensure that client monies are accurately recorded, at all times.
  • The solicitor has the comfort of knowing that all necessary systems and controls are in place to operate an efficient Practice whilst adhering to the Regulations.
  • We advise on other miscellaneous matters in relation to solicitors. For example, the requirements for anti-money laundering procedures.
  • We advise on the most suitable accountancy software to use taking into consideration the needs of each Practice in question.
  • We offer an outsourced bookkeeping service to ensure your books and records are maintained on an ongoing basis. The solicitor has the assurance the records are being recorded by professionals who have extensive experience in dealing with solicitors’ accounts.
  • We provide a service to attend the solicitors’ office and review all the accounting records and systems in place. We evaluate the current method of accounting, controls and procedures within the Practice and provide recommendations in relation to same. This service is beneficial to both solicitors who are commencing in Practice and for existing solicitors in Practice.
  • In the event of a Law Society inspection, we can attend the inspection with the solicitor and advise as to what will be expected during the inspection.
  • We complete the Accountants’ Report which is required to be submitted by the Law Society.

“Glennon and Co. Accountants have been a crucial partner in ensuring McGarr Solicitors has ready access to the sort of business planning financial data that is critical in the legal profession. Their commitment and professionalism has been second to none and I’d heartily recommend them to any solicitors firm.”

McGarr Solicitors, Dublin

“I have been advised by Rachael, since the practice’s inception and am grateful for the support and assistance she has provided over the years since then.  Her work is excellent, on time and always with a minimum of fuss.  I have always found her approachable and willing to assist with specialised queries that have come with certain files.  For a sole practitioner, this kind of support is invaluable.”

Butler Monk Solicitors